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Taboo Your Words - Less Wrong

Would it be supercilious to thank someone for updating? I know I would feel uncomfortable doing it, but I often feel the urge to do so anyway. There seems

Калькулятор самогонщика

Калькулятор для расчетов при конструировании, перегонке, ректификации, и

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Описание CalcSam (Калькулятор самогонщика) 4.02 [Русский] на nnm-club

Самогон - Калькулятор

Followup to: Empty Labels In the game Taboo (by Hasbro), the objective is for a player to have their partner guess a word written on a card, without using

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The other approach is to do the file handling on the client side, i.e. in your application or script. The Postgres server doesn't need to know what file
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